The Telligent Enterprise Mobile Installation Guide contains everything you need to install Telligent Enterprise Mobile for your community: requirements, supported browsers, instructions to configure the mobile site, and instructions to configure your base Telligent Enterprise site. It also contains basic troubleshooting instructions if you have trouble getting your mobile site to work.

 Telligent Enterprise Mobile 2.0 supports Windows Mobile 7.

Installing the Telligent Enterprise Mobile Web application

The Web application is an ASP.NET MVC application that utilizes the Web services of a Telligent Enterprise site to create a mobile-friendly Web application with the most-used services of the site.

This section contains site requirements and installation instructions.


  1. working Telligent Enterprise site
  2. IIS 6.0+
  3. ASP.NET MVC 3
  4. Ability to create a new application or Web site on the Web server
  5. Access to an administrator account to the Telligent Enterprise site
  6. Working installation of Solr search service (part of Telligent Enterprise)
  7. Forms or Windows authentication (Telligent Enterprise Mobile does not support SSO module or custom Cookie-based authentication)

Supported and tested clients (browsers)

The following browsers are supported for Telligent Enterprise Mobile:

May work, but not officially supported in this release

Telligent Enterprise Mobile has been designed to work with any touch-enabled Webkit-based browser. Additional browsers and example devices in this category would include:

In order to configure these devices to work, you will need to edit the mobile configuration to redirect these browsers to the mobile site. Otherwise, the desktop version of the site will attempt to load.

If installing Telligent Enterprise Mobile into a sub-directory, settings may be inherited from your parent application's web.config which cause a web.config error when you run your site. In such cases, you will have to add <clear /> or <remove /> elements in your community mobile site web.config file to remove the additions made in your parent web.config.

Installation instructions

This section contains instructions for setting up the Telligent Enterprise Mobile Web site and configuring it, as well as configuring the base Telligent Enterprise site associated with your mobile site.

Setting up and configuring the Telligent Enterprise Mobile Web site

Telligent Enterprise Mobile 1.0 requires ASP.NET 2.0 or higher. Telligent Enterprise Mobile 2.0 requires ASP.NET 4.0 or higher. The proper ASP.NET version must be installed on your Web server.

  1. Obtain the full installation package from Telligent Support. (This package also contains the Telligent Enterprise Mobile installation.)
  2. Open the Extensions folder.
  3. Open the TelligentEnterpriseMobile folder.
  4. Expand the zip file to a directory on your Web server.
  5. The /web directory from the ZIP file contains the files for the mobile application. Grant the Web site service account Read & Execute permissions to that directory.
  6. Open the IIS Management panel to set up the mobile Web application inside IIS.
  7. We recommend installing the Telligent Enterprise Mobile site as an application underneath your Telligent Enterprise main site, although this is not absolutely necessary. To do this:
    1. Right-click your Telligent Enterprise 3.0 Web site in IIS and select Add Application.

    2. Create an alias for your Telligent Enterprise Mobile application site and point the new application toward the /web directory that you previously unzipped. The alias will be used to create the path. (For example, if you enter mobile, the path to the mobile site will be http://<>/mobile.)

If you elected to install your Telligent Enterprise Mobile site as a child site of the Telligent Enterprise site (for example, and you are also running Web Analytics on your community, you will need to add a remove statement for Web Analytics to your mobile site's web.config file. Locate the following module and add the highlighted line:
    <modules runAllManagedModulesForAllRequests="true">
      <remove name="Telligent.Evolution" />
      <remove name="JavascriptAnalyticsHttpModule" />
You need to make this change because the module is already inherited from the community.

Configuring your base Telligent Enterprise site for Telligent Enterprise Mobile

  1. Create a REST API key for your Telligent Enterprise Mobile site.
    1. Sign in as an administrator of your Telligent Enterprise site.
    2. Navigate to Settings > Advanced Options.
    3. Click the Create and Edit Application Keys link at the bottom of the page.
    4. Use the form to generate a new API key by entering a label for the key (such as mobile) and click Generate.
    5. Copy the resulting key that was generated. You will need it later.

  1. Configure your Telligent Enterprise Mobile site's web.config file to point to the correct Telligent Enterprise site and to use the proper credentials to access the site:
    1. In the /web directory of the mobile application, open the web.config file in a text editor of your choice.
    2. In the appSettings section, you might need to edit a few values to correctly set up your site:
      1. Telligent-Evolution-Rest-Username - Enter the username of the admin user that you used to generate the REST API key.
      2. Telligent-Evolution-Rest-ApiKey - Enter the API key you previously generated.
      3. Telligent-Evolution-Rest-Api-Url - Edit the domain area of the URL pointing to your Telligent Enterprise site (i.e., do not remove or modify /api.ashx/v2/).
      4. Telligent-Evolution-Rest-Authentication (username, password, domain) - Only if your Telligent Enterprise site is using Windows or Basic authentication, you'll need to authenticate past that layer and be able to access the main site.
      5. Telligent-Evolution-Url - The URL that should be used as the base link to your Telligent Enterprise site. This is typically the URL of your site's home page. (All URLs to the full site created by Telligent Enterprise Mobile will use this URL as a base.)
      6. Site-Name - The title of the Telligent Enterprise Mobile site.
    3. Save the changes to your web.config file and close the text editor.
  2. [Optional] Install the redirection module that will redirect mobile browsers navigating to your main Telligent Enterprise site to the mobile URL:
    1. From the Modules directory in your unzip location, merge the communityServer_override.config file with your current communityServer_override.config file for your Telligent Enterprise site. Be sure to update the remoteHandlerUrl property in the override file to point to the domain and location of your Telligent Enterprise Mobile site. (Leave the /content/remote.ashx appended to the base of your mobile URL.)
    2. Copy TelligentEvolution.Mobile.Modules.dll from the Modules directory in your unzip location to the /bin directory of your Telligent Enterprise site.


If you have trouble with your Telligent Enterprise Mobile site and cannot get it to load, first look into the following commonly missed areas:

  • Check that the API key and credentials in your mobile site's web.config are correct.
  • Ensure that the user who's accessing the REST API (not necessarily an administrator) has the following permissions:
    • Site - Impersonate users
    • Site - Manage membership
  • Ensure that search is working properly on your main site. The Telligent Enterprise Mobile site relies on the search service and will not work properly if search is not working on your main site.
  • Ensure that your application pool for the mobile site is running under the same identity that you granted Read & execute permission to your mobile /web directory.
  • If you are using IIS6, ensure you have a wildcard mapping to route all requests through ASP.NET.