Each new release of Telligent Enterprise Mobile provides employees additional engagement capabilities anywhere, anytime.

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Telligent Enterprise
Mobile 1.0

Telligent Enterprise Mobile 2.0
Version of Telligent Enterprise required Telligent Enterprise 2.6 Telligent Enterprise 3.0 Telligent Enterprise 3.0

Sync community content, anywhere

Synchronize the pace of your brand's communication with the demands of your community by delivering community content to employees wherever they are, at any time.

Create real-time replies and comments

Improve employee connectivity with instant inline messaging that speeds communication and eliminates the delay of waiting for your community pages to refresh.


Keep working teams up to speed and generate product awareness in an instant with fast, one-click updates to status messages.

Find friends and search user profiles

Cultivate relationships and broaden your company's social network by leveraging searchable user profiles that link coworkers directly to their community activity.

Connect groups

Connect work teams around the world in one central place to capture important ideas and deliver superior service on the go.

Experience a streamlined user interface

Enhance the experience of mobile employees with an intuitive interface that unites familiar community guides such as search, tabs, and vertical scrolling with modern touch-screen navigation.

Customize your brand

Ensure your employees have a consistent brand experience no matter where they are by customizing the mobile interface to meet the exact design specifications for your company. You don't have to be a developer to create a unique experience in your mobile site. Change your splash page using easy HTML. Rename tabs using a few clicks. Even create entirely new tabs and views with simple configuration file changes.

Ask questions and start discussions

Ask questions, start a discussion, review all suggested and verified answers. If you are allowed via permissions granted you by the community manager, you can even verify a reply as answering the question.

Explore micro-communities

View and easily navigate to any micro-community or group within the broader employee community. From within the each group, you can now view members, access applications, view group-specific activity, and easily navigate to sub-groups.

Manage relationships

Friend another co-worker by clicking his/her name in the activity or people list. Also view pending requests of people who want to friend you, and accept or reject those requests.

Leverage and sort favorites

Check out your favorites list from your user profile, and sort them with one click into intuitive groups (blog, wiki, file, group).

Smart forum posts

Experience a forum that thinks ahead of you. The type of forum post is selected and ready to go, streamlining your ability to ask questions or start discussions.

Create relationships dynamically

Join a group or leave groups immediately to create desired relationships, or add and remove friends in real time to sync dynamically with the people you need.

Upload and watch media

Upload a media file from supported mobile devices, and even view posted videos inline.

Join the community

Register with the community and experience the new power of social.