Telligent Enterprise 3.0's Document Preview feature leverages the FlexPaper solution to give you the optimum document file experience in Telligent Enterprise media galleries.

Note: FlexPaper uses Flash, so your web browser must support flash in order to view previews. Additionally, the preview may not be available from some mobile devices.

Guide points

Here are some quick guide points about Telligent Document Preview:

  • You can download a file that has a Document Preview.
  • The size of the preview can only be restricted by setting size restrictions on the media gallery.
  • If a preview is not available for a file, the user will only have the option to download the file.
  • Each time a file is edited, a new preview version is created and the old preview is deleted.
  • While the new preview of an edit is being automatically created and posted, only download is available for the file.
  • An administrator cannot give special permissions to previews. Everyone in a community who has access to a media gallery can access the previews (unless you remove the feature).
  • Enabling Download Disclaimers on a Media Gallery does not stop a document preview from rendering.
  • Document preview has been tested with Office 2010 files, but may work with previous versions as well.


This section covers which applications and documents are compatible with Document Preview.


Document Preview compatibility has been tested with basic Microsoft Office 2010applications (Word, Powerpoint and Excel), as well as with PDFs. The preview may work with files from previous versions of the Microsoft applications, but these have not been tested.

New and existing documents

Once Document Preview is installed for a community, previews are automatically created for new and existing documents the first time they are viewed within the community. The time required to generate such a  preview can vary based upon the size of the file and the interval at which the conversion process runs.


Document Preview only works with documents that are physically present in CFS, so it cannot currently be used with SharePoint or remote files added to a media gallery or post.


This section covers licensing concerns, file viewing permissions, and viewing restrictions.


You don't need any special licenses or subscriptions to use Document Preview. Licensing is included with your Telligent Enterprise 3.0 license.

Who can see a preview

When Document Preview is enabled on your community, everyone who has Media Gallery - Read Posts permission to a gallery can view the previews. 

Permissions and restrictions

Document Preview is available to the entire community, and it does not exercise any media gallery permissions or restrictions above and beyond those of the application and group. That is, if a user has permission to view the media gallery of a group (Media Gallery - Read Posts), that user will be able to view all the available document previews.

As a further note, you are not able to use the Media Gallery - Download Files permission to control group members' ability to preview. The download permission only applies to download. It will not affect the preview.


In this release of Document Preview, having an end user license agreement (EULA) associated with a media gallery does not restrict previews of the gallery files. The EULA only restricts downloads.

Viewing, editing, and downloading files

This section demonstrates what you can expect while viewing, editing, or downloading a document using Document Preview.

View a document

The preview of a document is displayed directly in the viewing panel of a document.

If a preview is not available for a file, you still have the option to download it from different links on the page. (A file won't have a preview if it is not in one of the supported Office doc or PDF formats.)

Old previews of previous document versions are not saved. That is, you cannot access the previous preview once you save edits to a document.

Upload or edit a document


When you upload a file, the document will be queued for conversion the first time it is viewed.  During that time you will see a conversion message in place of the file viewer.  The time it takes to convert a document varies based on the interval at which the conversion process runs and the size of the file to be converted. Your browser will check the status of the conversion every 60 seconds and render the viewer once the file has been successfully converted.

Uploading a document is no different from uploading any other media gallery file. After you upload the file, you see the preview on the media gallery page once the conversion process has completed.


When you edit a file that has a Document Preview available, a new preview is generated for the saved document. During the time between saving the edit and the new preview being generated, you can only download the current file. 

After you edit a document, the only preview of the document is for the current version. The old preview is no longer shown.

Download a document

You can download a media gallery document whether or not it has document preview available, as long as you have the correct permission for the gallery download.

Full screen viewing

The document viewer, once installed, can be configured to handle switching to full screen mode in one of  two ways:

  1. Full screen Mode without keyboard support. This is the default experience in which full screen mode is rendered within Flash and you use the escape key to return to the standard mode. When using this option, the keyboard will not be available when in full screen.  This is a security limitation of flash.
  2. Open in browser window. In this mode, the viewer fills the current browser window or tab rather than the whole screen. This allows keyboard commands to be accepted. Depending on the browser, the experience can vary between the viewer loading in the current window or tab or opening a new one.  In the scenario where it opens in the current window or tab, you can use the back button in your browser to return to the normal view.

More information

If you'd like Information about using Document Preview with Telligent Community, see this link.