Telligent’s SharePoint integration is made up of two distinct parts:

  • Sharepoint Web parts (included)
  • Telligent Connect for Microsoft SharePoint (optional license)

SharePoint WebParts (included)

The Telligent SharePoint WebParts bring the Telligent social experience into SharePoint by enabling interaction with Telligent blogs, forums, wikis, search, and supporting social functionality all from the SharePoint user interface. Telligent WebParts interact with SharePoint just like native SharePoint WebParts and all information is shared securely and efficiently through Telligent Evolution Platform Safe APIs. Content generated through the Telligent SharePoint WebParts is stored in the Telligent Evolution platform.

Telligent Connect for SharePoint (optional license)

Telligent Connect for SharePoint further enhances Telligent’s integration with SharePoint by integrating specific SharePoint functionality with the Telligent Evolution platform to leverage the strengths of SharePoint within Telligent Evolution. Specific functionality such as document management, list management, profile management, and the central integration manager enables customers to meet specific business needs. Telligent Connect for SharePoint also continues Telligent’s commitment to interacting with SharePoint in a secure manner through Telligent Evolution Platform Safe APIs. Specifically regarding document management, all documents are stored safely and securely in SharePoint; there is no duplication of content in Telligent Evolution.

Feature descriptions

Telligent SharePoint WebParts – Telligent SharePoint WebParts enable key Telligent Evolution social features in SharePoint including interaction with: groups, blogs, forums, and wikis. Telligent WebParts are included in the Telligent Evolution platform.

Telligent SharePoint widgets - Telligent SharePoint widgets enable key SharePoint functionality in the Telligent Evolution platform including: document management, list management, and OpenSearch. Telligent SharePoint widgets are an optional license as part of Telligent Connect for SharePoint v2.0 (TCSP v2.0).

Document Synchronization – Document Synchronization, included in TCSP v2.0, enables SharePoint document management in the Telligent Evolution platform. Documents are managed according to your existing structure (or a newly defined structure) including support for folders and key document management functions; check in/out; version history; open; edit; e-mail, delete. Built on the Widget Studio platform, this integration is extensible through multiple built-in extensibility points.

Profile Synchronization – Profile Synchronization, included in TCSP v2.0, enables sharing of SharePoint and Telligent profile information, including support for SharePoint MySite profiles. Based on the configuration of this feature, users may update both profiles in one location or pieces of their profile in one or both locations. Shared profile information adds value to the Telligent Evolution People Search as well as SharePoint People Search.

OpenSearch Standard Integration – OpenSearch, included in TCSP v2.0, enables users to aggregate search results and view them on a single search results page. Based on the configuration of this feature, users can create a search results dashboard that leverages search engines such as SharePoint for documentation, Flickr for web images, and Encyclopedia Britannica for research/reference. Searches are performed in a secure manner based on user-specified security settings, and results are returned in text only or text and images format based on the type of search engine queried.

Central Integration Manager – The central integration manager, included in TCSP v2.0, enables Telligent Evolution administrators to direct the TCSP integration in the most beneficial manner to solve business issues. The central integration manager takes a multi-farm approach to SharePoint and is the primary reference point for TCSP. Based on the configuration of this feature, users are able to authenticate multiple ways into SharePoint according to the security model already in place already in SharePoint.

Key technical notes

The following are some key technical notes regarding Telligent’s SharePoint Integration:

  • SharePoint 2010 is required; backwards compatibility with previous versions may be possible, but will require evaluation by Telligent Professional Services.
  • All integrations work with Telligent Evolution Platform Safe APIs and standard SharePoint APIs and web services.
  • Search results display through the OpenSearch Standard Integration are controlled by security model of integrating search engine (if present/configured), not the Telligent Evolution security model.
  • Document synchronization stores a pointer to documents stored completely in SharePoint; viewing this pointer is controlled by the Telligent Evolution security model; viewing/editing the document itself is controlled by the SharePoint security model.
  • When creating a SharePoint Site and Telligent Group partnership, it is recommended to associate the Site Root in both systems with one another to allow for the most flexibility for users. Specific security models in SharePoint and Telligent will still be enforced; the association does not override them.

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