In Telligent Enterprise 3.0, code improvements were made to facilitate accessibility for avatars.

Avatars can be used to allow your community members to uniquely identify each other beyond the username/display name. User avatars are displayed on each user's profile, in the activity stream, and in any content that shows author or contributors (including posts, comments, replies, etc.). An avatar can be:

  • A photo or graphic that each user can upload
  • One of the default avatars we include in Telligent Enterprise
  • One of a set of avatars you as an administrator provide

By default, avatars are enabled and your community members are allowed to choose from any of the selectable avatars or upload their own. Any user who doesn't choose or upload an avatar has the default avatar.

To change any of these settings:

  1. Navigate to Control Panel Dashboard > System Administration > Membership Administration > Configuration > Account Settings > Avatar Settings.

  2. To disable avatars so that none are visible in your community, set
    to No.
  3. To change the dimensions of the avatars when they are displayed, change the Avatar dimensions. Any uploaded avatars are resized if they are larger than the configured dimensions. We recommend keeping the dimensions at 80x80 for optimal display.
  4. If you have avatars enabled, you must set at least one of the following types of avatars (uploaded, remote, or selectable) to Yes. Then you need to select from the following options:

    • Enable uploaded avatars
      • If set to Yes, each user sees an upload option when changing his/her avatar from his/her profile.
      • If set to No, the upload option is not visible.
    • Enable remote avatars
      • If set to Yes, each user sees a URL option when changing his/her avatar from his/her profile.
      • If set to No, the URL option is not visible.
    • Enable selectable avatars
      • If set to Yes, each user sees all the selectable avatars you have uploaded and can choose one to be set as his/her avatar.
      • If set to No, the selectable avatars are not shown.

      We've provided 10 selectable avatars for users to choose from, but you can remove any/all of these and replace them with avatars custom to your site:

      • To remove a selectable avatar, click Delete under the avatar.
      • To add a new selectable avatar, click Browse... to locate the image through the standard file browser and then click Upload.
  5. You can change the default avatar shown for any users who have not uploaded or selected an avatar:

    1. Click the Change avatar link under Default avatar.
    2. In the dialog window, do one of the following:
      • Upload an avatar from a local location by clicking Browse... then Use uploaded avatar.
      • Select an avatar from the selectable avatars and click Use selected image.
      • Link to an avatar by specifying the URL of the avatar and click Use linked image.
  6. Click Save. If your community is running in a Web farm environment, it may take up to 15 minutes for the changes to reflect throughout the entire site.