In changing how the content in applications is captured and managed, you can change or control:

  1. Add blogs to an existing Web site - Install a blog on a separate subdomain or a virtual directory.
  2. Blog comments per page - Determine how many comments are visible per page.
  3. Blog Default Settings page - Enable/disable blog autocreation, cross-posting, adding content to the HTML header, anonymous subscriptions, ping services, and moderation level.
  4. Configuring Telligent Enterprise for Amazon S3 - Configure Telligent Enterprise to use this third-party service to store some or all files related to content (such as post attachments and avatars).
  5. Create a new blog - Create a new blog and specify its name, URL, authors, and/or group.
  6. Hiding a blog author's post from non-authors - A way to enforce site security without a blogger's direct knowledge of its effect.