Forums enable interactive collaboration among members of your community. We support two different types of forum threads:

  • Discussions (posts with replies)
  • Q&A (question posts with replies, suggested answers, or verified answers)

Each forum can include both thread types (with a default thread type on forum thread creation) or just one thread type, depending on the needs of the group where each forum resides.

This section contains the following articles:

  1. Create a mailing list - Create a mailing list for a forum.
  2. Customizing code for embeddable forum threads - Customize the design or text elements of embedded HTML, CSS, and post text.
  3. Customizing delete reason templates - Modify a post removal template to use your own verbiage.
  4. Editing notes - Enable/disable the display of editing notes in a post.
  5. Thread type - discussion - General information about the discussion type of forum thread.
  6. Thread type - question and answer (Q&A) - Information about this type of forum thread as well as about the three possible answer types.