Telligent Enterprise provides some basic reporting on blog posts, comments, and view with both graphical and tabular data.  For more advanced reports, we recommend Telligent Analytics.

Basic blog metrics

To access some of the basic blog metrics, such as views and comments, you must first navigate through the Telligent Control Panel to a particular blog:

  1. Navigate to Control Panel Dashboard > Manage My Blogs.

  2. Click the name of the desired blog, for example Sample Weblog:

    The link takes you directly to the Write tab of the blog. Click Manage > Posts. This tab will return data about the posts of this blog filtered by date, specified tag, and publication status. Likewise, it also displays the number of views and comments within the filtered period/quantity/type.

    The default view is basically unfiltered - for all time, by no specific tag, and regardless of publication (published or unpublished) status.

How to filter blogs

  1. Filter these results by the following criteria, if you desire, by clicking the appropriate list box:
    • All months (Month) - the default
    • Specific months (a month in the Month drop-down list)
    • Tag - the non-specific default
    • Any entered tag for the blog (options in the Tag drop-down list)
    • Show all content - default
    • Only show published content (option in the Show all content drop-down list)
    • Only show draft (unpublished) content (option in the Show all content drop-down list
  2. If desired, you can mix these parameters and then click Apply Filter to get the results.

    For example, in the Sample Weblog shown above, you might want to filter posts by those published in the previous year.

Graphical view of posts per-month

For this function, we're using a different blog that has comments, the Turtle lovers - Blog.

The screen shows 0 views and 2 comments because at that point, comments were not yet moderated/accepted. After they're accepted, the true quantity shows in the table.

Click the number under the Views column. A graph of the views in the past 30 days opens. The following example graph indicates that the blog post has had two hits.

View blog comments

Clicking the number in the Comments column will show you titles and excerpts from the comments and their publication status. To filter these, click the list box and select:

  • Show all comments (published and unpublished)
  • Only published comments
  • Only comments requiring moderation