As a group owner, you have the capability to determine community members' application group or functional group membership and privileges.

This section contains the following articles:

  1. Add or remove a member - Manually add a community member or remove a member.
  2. Edit a member's type of community membership - Change a user's membership type (Owner, Manager, or Member).
  3. Email invitation new user invitation registration acceptance links - Use a template to specify how a user can accept a community invitation by email.
  4. Group features - Architecture, support, navigation, types, permissions, and membership information.
  5. Group membership functionality - About adding LDAP groups, roles, and managing group membership through the API.
  6. Group migration FAQ -Common questions about moving a group from one Telligent application or version to another.
  7. Group roles - Specific information about Owner, Manager/Moderator, and Member roles and their permissions.
  8. Move a group - Relocate a group from one area on the directory tree to another (such as moving from a branch to the site root).

For information about creating groups, refer to the Community Setup Guide.