Telligent Enterprise allows you to manipulate posts (move, merge, or split) and make decisions about tags and anonymous posts. This section contains the following articles:

  1. Anonymous posting - Allows users without site usernames (anonymous users) to log into the site and set their permissions.
  2. Forums moderation - Lists the posts to be moderated and their general statistics.
  3. Merging post threads - Join two separate threads into a single thread.
  4. Moderating tags - Specify whether tags are completely disabled; require moderation at the post level, or require moderation at the user level.
  5. Moving a post to a different forum - Perform a move operation from the Moderation page or from the user community.
  6. Removing tags from forum posts - Use moderation permissions to remove the tags specified for a post.
  7. Splitting a post into a new thread - Divide a single thread that has developed diverging subject matter into separate threads.
  8. Verifying configuration of forum and user moderation - Determine whether a forum or user is moderated, and determine whether a user role has the Forum - Auto Approve posts permission