User moderation settings require administrator permissions. Below are user moderation activities:

  1. Set user forum post moderation properties - Determine whether to moderate posts by individual users.
  2. Hide user's forum posts from regular members - Hide this user's forum posts from display in forum post lists from non-admin users.
  3. Forum auto-approve posts - Set role permissions to auto approve forum posts. Users in this role will not be moderated, regardless of other settings.
  4. Ban or disapprove user accounts - When you change a user's account status from approved to banned or disapproved, you not only prevent the user from accessing your site, but you also ensure that as long as he/she uses the same email address, he/she will be unable to create a new account. If the banned or disapproved user attempts to create a new account, Telligent Enterprise recognizes the existing email address so the new account cannot be created.
  5. Force Login on next visit - Require that the user logs in on their next visit to the community.

Additionally, each application has its own moderation capabilities which affect individual user moderation:


You can set forum post moderation per user within the user profile. If the moderate setting is enabled at the forum level, it will override the forum post moderation setting at the user level.


No individual user moderation settings are available. Activating blog comment moderation affects all users.

Media Galleries

No individual user moderation settings are available. Activating file and comment moderation affects all users.


No individual user moderation settings are available. Wikis are controlled by which roles can edit or create new pages through permissions.