The Control Panel contains all administrative and management functions of Telligent Enterprise. The administrative user, by default, is the only user with access to the full Control Panel (because the role has been granted the Site - Access Control Panel permission). Other roles have access to portions of the Control Panel for administration and management of particular groups or applications and, with our flexible permissions system, you can customize access to the Control Panel as appropriate for your community.

Those with access to the Control Panel see a Control Panel link on every page on the site and can return to the site via the Go to Site link in the top-right corner of the Control Panel pages.

In the Control Panel, you can:

As you navigate through the Control Panel, you can always return to the main Dashboard by clicking the Dashboard tabbed menu item or the Dashboard link in the breadcrumb.

You can also hover over the Dashboard tab to see a drop-down list of links for easy navigation.

This section contains the following articles:

  1. Change the source of latest announcements
  2. View your version of Telligent Enterprise