Wikis allow users to capture, create and collaborate on information. Users can create content that is visible to team members and available for editing and collaborative contributions. Wikis include permissions and moderation tools, structured or unstructured content and user voting to rank the value of wiki pages.

You can add an unlimited number of wikis to groups or to the wiki site root and control user activity by assigning permissions to the user roles. Some privileges are obviously designed for administrators, such as the edit wiki settings privilege, which requires access to the Control Panel, and moving wiki pages, which you probably want to restrict to administrators. Other settings are designed for more general users, such as privileges for reading and commenting on wikis.

For other privileges such as creating wiki pages and locking wiki pages, you will have to decide whether to make them available to all users or only administrators, or whether you want to create customized roles to control those privileges.

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This section contains the following articles:

  1. Adding a wiki - Create a new wiki to hold community material.
  2. Editing a wiki -  Enable/disable the wiki, title it, give it a URL, and if desired provide a description.
  3. Enabling and disabling a wiki - Make a wiki unviewable without actually deleting it, or reverse the process.
  4. Enabling group wikis - Give a group the ability to use a wiki and designate the users who can create pages in it.
  5. Lock or unlock a wiki page - Restrict change access to only users with the correct permissions.
  6. Move a wiki - Change the group where the wiki resides, such as from the root folder [available to everyone] to a specific functional group folder [available only to that group's users].
  7. Moving a wiki page - Use a series of dialog boxes to move a page instead of renaming the page.
  8. Recover a deleted wiki page - Scroll through a complete list of all pages in the wiki and undelete a previously removed page.
  9. Setting wiki user permissions - Override global permissions for individual wikis by adding user roles and defining the permissions for those roles.