Displays the list of file actions available to the user.


Unlike the other links widgets, you can't simply enable actions on the widget to make them available. The options in the list are dependent upon the user's roles and privileges. The screen capture above shows file actions available to the Administrative user. The Enable User Files property on the User Files page must be enabled to use this widget.

Where it works

This widget works on the User profile tabs, such as the Files tab.

Theme differences

  • This widget is part of the Default configuration for the platform, which means it is available for an administrator to add to any theme using the Manage Widgets tab.
  • This widget is available via the Manage Widgets tab with modifications specific to the Enterprise theme.


Enable the widget

  1. Navigate to Control Panel Dashboard > System Administration > Site Administration > Widget Studio > Enable/Disable widgets.
  2. If it is not already in Allowed widgets, move the widget from the Not Allowed widgets column to the Allowed widgets column.

Place and configure the widget

  1. Click Edit Page, then select and place the User File Links widget.
  2. Click Configure on the widget menu bar. The configuration dialog appears.

    You can change the Widget title  by clicking Change to edit the name of the widget, such as from "User File Links" to "File Links."
  3. Click Save to exit the configuration dialog.
  4. Click Save Page.