In Telligent Enterprise, you can save a widget to apply as the default for all themes or to apply to a particular site theme. This procedure does not make a separate version of the widget for the given theme. Instead, it makes a new theme entry available in widget editing page.

You must have your theme already installed in order to save a widget for it.

  1. Mouse over the widget you want to save. The Edit option is exposed.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Make any changes that you would like to have included in the new version of the widget.
  4. Under Manage this widget, click the Save button and select Save for theme from the drop-down arrow list.
    The Save for Theme dialog appears.
  5. Select a loaded theme from the drop-down list, or choose to save the widget as the default for all themes.
  6. Click Save for Theme. You will not see the new version in the Manage Widgets list. Instead, if you view the widget's editing page, you will now see that theme available in the Theme Version drop-down of the Edit screen.