Chat adds real-time instant messaging and presence to your Telligent Enterprise friend relationships and community experience. Chat's intelligent online friends list has a real-time indication of who's available online for chat (presence), with the list being sorted by those with whom you've most recently chatted. The friend list and your chats you're engaging in follow you throughout the community.

Document Preview - Enable your community audience to easily view documents, presentations and files without opening the native application. Speed their access to important and valuable information you and others are sharing within the community.

Ideas add a customizable experience to a group for challenge-posing, idea generation, rating, commenting, voting, and triage. You can use this module to post open-ended questions (for example, "What should our next great product be?") or challenges (such as "Which of these product ideas is the best?") that members interact with by suggesting ideas, adding comments, and voting.

Recommendations include both content recommendations and people recommendations. Telligent Enterprise content recommendations finds you new content you'll probably be interested in and updates its suggestions daily. It allows members to interact with the suggestions by clicking them and closing them. People recommendations give you intelligent friend suggestions. If you choose to initiate a friendship, a whole new set of interactions are available to you and your new friend. Or you can close the suggestion if you prefer, and the person will not be redisplayed.

Telligent Event Calendar - The Telligent Event Calendar is an group-oriented add-on application for Telligent Enterprise 4.0 that allows event calendaring for a group or individual with events, activity stream integration, event notification and export, location geocoding and search enablement.

Video Transcoding- Create an optimized video viewing experience for your community audience with automatically converted videos into an HTML5-supported format from a large number of upload formats.