Telligent Evolution applications (such as Telligent Enterprise) are built on Microsoft .NET to take full advantage of its core capabilities, and is organized in three logical tiers: presentation, business logic, and repository.


All Telligent Evolution functionality is rendered into HTML and other markup to support all major Web browsers. We abstract all functional aspects out of the presentation layer, enabling you to customize the look and feel of the community to fit your online brand requirements without any recompilation.

Business logic

The business logic for Telligent Evolution includes core community-enabling functionality with single sign-on (SSO) modules for Windows Active Directory, forms or cookie authentication and a set of background services for operating tasks outside of active request processing.

For optimal performance and uninterrupted request servicing we recommend that you run the platform within a Web farm with three or more clustered Web servers.

For a full-featured community, we provide robust add-on components for search, email, and analytics, configuration options for file storage and caching, and extensibility of the platform via our REST Web services API.


Our search component extracts content from the Web servers, indexes the content and handles all search queries. We recommend that you install it on a dedicated server that can communicate with the Web server/farm, but you can also install it within a dedicated partition on the same server that Telligent Tasks runs. Read more...

Mail Gateway

If you are creating an internal community for your corporation, a Telligent Evolution application integrates with your Exchange Server and SMTP server to deliver user-to-user messages and email notifications that are initiated from the community. The Mail Gateway component monitors and processes the email queue within the Telligent Evolution database. Read more...


Without analytics, you are running your community blindly. Our rich Telligent Analytics component is essential to run a successful community, providing you with insight into user behavior, content creation and usage, positive and negative sentiment, forum answer rates and even the buzz your community is generating. In a typical configuration, a small subset of your community management team needs access to Telligent Analytics and typically only within the firewall. We recommend that you isolate this component on one or more dedicated Web servers with separate hardware load balancing.

File storage

For small communities that will stay small, local file storage on each Web server in your environment (synchronized with Distributed File Storage [DFS] and File Replication Services [FRS]) is sufficient. If your community is large or will be growing over time, external file storage is recommended and we make it easy for you to configure distributed file storage (through UNC, for example) or external file storage (through Amazon S3, for example). Read more...


Telligent Evolution facilitates a hierarchical approach to caching.  Each layer in the cache hierarchy is responsible for storing and retrieving items from different backing stores.  Along with layers utilizing standard caching components (such as the built-in ASP.NET Cache object), included in Telligent Evolution is a distributed caching layer built using Microsoft AppFabric. Read more...

Telligent Evolution API

The Telligent Evolution API uses REST Web services to enable you to create complete two-way interaction between Telligent Evolution and any external application or platform. We provide sample code, integration tests and extensive documentation. Read more...


The business logic tier connects to the repository through a well-defined set of database calls.

If you use Telligent Analytics, we recommend that it is installed on a dedicated database server or minimally within a dedicated partition.

Hardware and software requirements

Telligent Evolution support a wide variety of server software, application software, and browsers. It can also support 500,000 page views per month. (Configurations for larger page view requirements are available upon request.)