In Telligent Enterprise Mobile 4.0, users can log in using their email address or social network credentials from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and/or Salesforce. They can also like any content, view each other's likes, vote in and create polls, and communicate privately with other community participants via conversations/private messages.

This section orients you in the experience with Telligent Enterprise Mobile and provides instructions on how to use it in order to keep in touch with your community via your mobile phone.

As you start using Telligent Enterprise Mobile, it may be helpful to orient yourself with the basic layout and conventions used throughout the experience.

The home screen gives you the ability to sign into or out of the mobile site, find your friends and fellow community members, find out what people are doing, and access groups as well as applications (blogs, forums, media gallery, wiki).

The following screen shot shows the Telligent Enterprise Mobile 4.0 home screen with the Activity, People, Places, Bookmarks (formerly called Favorites), and Messages tabs.

  • Home. From any screen, you can navigate to the home screen.
  • Search. From any screen, perform a search within the context you are currently in: within a group, for a particular user, or across the whole community.
  • Back button. The back button takes you one level up from where you currently are. For example, if you are viewing a forum thread within a particular group, the back button takes you up to the forum in which the thread belongs.
  • Status. The status button allows you to post your status from any screen. If you are within a group that supports status message exchange, your status will be posted only to that group and shown in the group's activity stream. Otherwise, the status message you post will be visible to all community participants in the community-wide activity stream. .
  • Tabbed navigation. Tabbed navigation takes you to the available areas within the context you are viewing (such as the activity, people, and places within the Public Open group, as shown below).

  • View more button. When a list (such as activity, people, or places) has more results than can be listed on one screen, you can access the rest of the results using the View more button.
  • Logged in user or Sign In button. The icon at the lower-left always shows your logged-in identity.
  • Full Site button. You can access your full web-based community site via the default browser on your mobile phone to download files or perform administrative functions.

This section covers how to: