Social engagement enables you to embed social content and engagement into any other web (or mobile) user experience.

Telligent Evolution customers can be part of social engagement using:

With Telligent social engagement, you can capitalize on:

  • Social identity
  • Social profile
  • Social content
  • Social engagement
  • Widget export

Social identity

Telligent Enterprise 4.0 lets you capture a user's master customer record to understand all of his/her social identities across social and CRM sites. This means that you capture to Telligent Enterprise the fact that a registered user with a username (example, jjones) with the ID of 1234 is also "Joe Jones" the contact in other sites we integrate with - whether for authentication or profile sync, or other purposes). For example, you can integrate experience and profiles with Microsoft Dynamics and SAP.

Social profile

Enable sharing of consolidated social profile by your audience.

Social content

You can use Telligent Enterprise to include corporate- and user-generated social content in all branded user experiences across the web and in the mobile experience. For example, you might use Telligent Enterprise's blog and calendaring components on your corporate Web site; forum Q&A for your sales community; Activity Story Stream with photo streaming, podcast, or video capabilities; or create a wiki troubleshooting guide to your corporate media site.

Social engagement lets you drive engagement on any content - whether created within the community or originated in a CMS or other publisher. For example, you might use the following features on Telligent Enterprise's  commenting and tagging on your corporate Web site; forum Q&A for your product sales forum; sharing or bookmarking on a product loyalty site; and Telligent's community-driven commenting, rating, tagging, liking, sharing, bookmarking, and abuse reporting to surface the highest quality content.

Widget export

With Telligent Enterprise 4.0, you can design a widget once using the APIs and then export that widget to SharePoint, any .NET-based application, or MVC application and then export it for other applications or sites.