The Advanced page provides you with advanced forum properties, such as a URL redirect, indexing properties, and post tracking properties.

To add the Advanced page settings:

  1. Navigate to Control Panel Dashboard > System Administration > Forum Administration > Forums and Groups > Create New Forum > Advanced.

  2. Set the Advanced page properties:

    • Parent Forum - This feature is not functional in this release.

    • Index Posts - Content in this forum be indexed for searching.

    • Moderate Posts - Posts made to this forum require moderator approval. Unmoderated users will not have their posts moderated.

    • Enable Moderate Notifications - When enabled will send forum moderators an email alerting them of posts requiring moderation.

    • Enable Post Statistics - The forum participates in site level statistics as well as answered and unanswered forum status.

    • Enable Post Points - Tracks and assigns points to posts made in this forum.

  3. Click Save to apply the settings.

  • Basic settings - Provides basic forum properties, such as forum name, description, and the group to which the forum belongs.
  • Permissions - Provides roles and permissions properties for your forum.
  • Embed - Provides embeddable thread properties for your forum.