In Telligent Evolution 5.6, the group drop-down became word wheel search field. For example, if you type "Group" in the field, you see the list of forums beginning with "Group."

You can set the roles and permissions properties for your forum on the Permissions page. The Permissions page is available only in the forum editing functionality.

You can add an unlimited number of forums to groups or to the forum site root and control user activity by assigning permissions to the user roles. Some privileges are obviously designed for administrators, such as the edit forum settings privilege (which requires access to the Control Panel) and editing posts from others (which you probably want to restrict to administrators). Other settings are designed for more general users, such as privileges for reading and commenting on forums. For privileges such as creating new threads, you will have to decide whether to make them available to all users or only administrators, or whether you want to create customized roles to control those privileges.

To set forum permissions:

  1. Navigate to Control Panel Dashboard > System Administration > Forum Administration > Forums and Groups > Forums. Open the forum for editing (locate the forum and click Edit).

    The Basic forums tab appears.
  2. Navigate to the Permissions tab.

  3. Select a previously created role from the Site Role drop-down list. 
  4. Assign permissions to the user by moving them from the left panel to the right panel:

    • Forum - Attach Files Locally - User can attach files located internally to forum posts. The enable attachments option must be enabled to enable the Forum - Attach Files Locally permission.
    • Forum - Attach Files Remotely - User can attach files located externally to forum posts. The  enable attachments option must be enabled to enable the Forum - Attach Files Remotely permission.
    • Forum - Auto Approve Posts - Posts created by user are automatically approved and do not require moderation.
    • Forum - Create Polls - User can create reader polls for forum posts.
    • Forum - Create New Threads - User can create new threads.
    • Forum - Post Replies - User can reply to posts.
    • Forum - Delete Posts - User can delete posts.
    • Forum - Mark Post as Answer - Role can mark all forum post threads as read. When you open a post, Telligent Evolution automatically marks it as read. Icons provide graphical representations of read and unread posts.
    • Forum - Moderate - Role can moderate posts.
    • Forum - Edit Forum Settings - Role can access the Forum Administration section of the Control Panel. This permission should be restricted to users with administrative privileges.
    • Forum - Edit Posts - Role can edit post he/she did or did not author.
    • Forum - Override Validation - Role can upload a file even if its extension type is not allowed.
    • Forum - Make Posts Sticky - Role can create new forum posts as "sticky" posts that are listed first. Also can lock a post to prevent replies.
    • Forum - Make Announcements - Role can create posts as announcements. This permission gives users access to the sticky post functionality, in which they can create a post as an announcement.
    • Forum - Rate Posts - Forum post rating functionality is available to the role. Any user with the rate posts privilege should have the Forum - Read Posts permission as well.
    • Forum - Read Posts - Role can access posts and read them. This role is usually given to users without administrative functionalities. You will want to ensure that roles with administrative functionalities also have the read privilege.
  5. Click Save to apply the settings.