This section contains the following information:

  1. Feature comparisons - These two charts show you the enhancements we made between each of pair of product releases.
  2. License and upgrade FAQ - Many questions that are frequently asked about specific licensing situations (such as fail-over servers or reselling our products), and about how licensing is affected by upgrades.
  3. Our quality assurance testing strategy - Telligent's strategy for testing and verifying the quality of its products.
  4. Performance improvements - Improvements that enhance system performance in all sites including the areas of style, widgets, paging and search, and permission checks.
  5. Release notes - Discussion of Telligent Evolution new features, enhancements, and fixes.
  6. Telligent Evolution architecture - A discussion of the application architecture, organization, and components.
  7. Terminology - Listing of acronyms and terms, along with descriptions and definitions.
  8. Troubleshooting - Common data access and upload questions, errors/exceptions, and problems accessing a Telligent Evolution site.
  9. Link to supported product versions of Telligent Community and Community Server; Telligent Enterprise and Community Server Evolution; Telligent Analytics and Harvest Reporting Server.
  10. For downloads, contact Support.