You can do any of the following to help you manage the number of emails you receive from your forums:

  • Unsubscribe from the forum
  • Enable the email notification option when you create a post. This option is the same whether you are creating a post in a forum, blog, or wiki. Note: You must use the new post functionality rather than the Quick Post functionality.
  • Create a temporary email rule in Outlook (see Outlook help)

Use Outlook to manage forum emails

You can configure an Outlook rule to manage your forum emails. 

To configure Outlook to manage forum emails:

  1. From the Outlook main menu, select Tool > Rules and Alerts.


  2. Click New Rule.


    The Rules Wizard opens.


  3. Under the Step 1 panel of the Rules Wizard, select Move messages from someone to a folder.

  4. Click Next. The Conditions list displays.


  5. Select the from people or distribution list check box. Leave the other options deselected.

  6. In the lower panel under Step 2, click from people or distribution list. .


    The Rule Address dialog displays.  

  7. Enter the email address of the group you want to filter in the From text field, for example, gamers

  8. Click OK to close the Rule Address dialog and to return to the Rules Wizard dialog.

  9. Click the specified link.


    A dialog displays in which you can select the folder to which you want the emails sent. You can also create a new filter on the fly by clicking New.


  10. Click OK. The Rules Wizard dialog displays.

  11. Click Finish to close the Rules Wizard dialog. The Rules and Alerts dialog displays with your rule displaying in the rules list.


  12. Click Apply.