A blog is an area of the site that is usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary and descriptions of events.

The primary function of the Blogs main page is to provide you with access to all of the blog posts that have been published in the community.

Your access to blog functionality is determined by your user privileges. For example, you must have create blog post permissions to have access to the new post functionality. If you have any questions about accessibility to the blog functions, contact your administrator.

The Using Blogs section of the User's Guide describes the common blog functionality available to you. This section contains the following sections and articles:

  1. Blog configuration settings for users - Set the About page information, feedback/comment properties, RSS, mirroring,  themes, feeds, email contact, and external link syndication settings.
  2. Blog management settings for users - Manage blog comments/feedback, blogrolls, posts, snippets, spam, tags, and uploaded files.
  3. Blog post publishing options - Save or publish blog posts with several options.
  4. Edit blog settings - Change the title/description, email, about, and search engine optimization information.
  5. Email subscribe to this blog - Receive new posts by Outlook email notification.
  6. General descriptions of blog functionalities - Favorites, RSS, posting, subscription by email, and contact settings.
  7. Subscribe to a blog RSS feed - Receive a feed from this blog by syndicated feed.
  8. Write a blog post - Create a new post in any blog to which you have rights.
(For more information about the things you can do as a blog owner, refer to the Blog Author's Guide.)