In Telligent Evolution, you work with content when you utilize the blog, wiki, file gallery, and forum applications. You can manipulate or enhance this content in a number of ways, including those listed below. This section contains the following articles:

  1. Advanced search - Get oriented with using Telligent Evolution's site searching capability, adding time or content area options to narrow results.
  2. Word-wheel searching for application browse controls - Understand how the search capability functions - providing you content areas to select from or content areas to narrow search results.
  3. Content management - Insert content from Microsoft Word; spell check content; insert a horizontal rule, or insert an emoticon.
  4. Edit content using the enhanced editor - Use the tools in the enhanced text editor (font, list styles, indent, justification, highlighting, cutting and pasting, media insertion, or HTML editing).
  5. Edit in fullscreen mode - View the page contents in a screen-wide window while still having access to the enhanced editor tools.
  6. Format text - Change font family, style, and size; create lists, and select alignment options.
  7. Insert a media file into a content page - Insert a static image, video, or sound file into a page.
  8. Links - Create or modify a link, or anchor, or learn to jump to a specific anchor on a specific page.
  9. Using tables - Use the table creator button to create a table or modify table rows, columns, cells, and background color.