email attachments in Platform version: 7.6.3


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email attachments in Platform version: 7.6.3

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hello, does anyone else have problems getting email notifications to attach attachments? we recently upgraded to v7 and attachments dont this a common problem? (telligent community)

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  • Hello,

    Can you please check the configuration to make sure that the appropriate file types extensions are allowed, and that the max size is what you expect? You can find more details here:



  • allowed file extensions:


    max. file size 10240

    the email notification has a link to the attached doc, but the links dont go anywhere, version 5 the attachement was actually attached to the notification and not a link.

  • This typically indicates your Job Scheduler is not set up correctly.  Please ensure you've followed the insturctions at, in particular step 6.

    If you continue to have issues, that usually indicates a permission problem.  Ensure that the user account the Job Scheduler service is running under has access permissiosn to your filestorage folder.